Tin Can Knits Vivid Blanket Pattern

Tin Can Knits Vivid Blanket Pattern

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This almost legendary pattern takes the concept of multiple square blankets to a new level. Knit in any weight yarn, as long as you have enough to make the size you want, you can just keep going forever! We love love love WYS Signature 4 Ply for this because of the almost endless options for colour combinations.

The cast on may be new to many but once mastered, it is not only useful for this pattern but many other knit from the inside out square patterns. It has definitely inspired us here at TLYC to knit more patterns in this style.

As with all Tin Can Knit patterns, the pattern leaflet is clearly laid out, making it a pleasure to knit from.


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Vivid Blanket


Tin Can Knits

Number of Patterns


Alexa Ludeman and Emily Wessel

Skill Level


Knitting this pattern Cowl


The pattern can be knit in any weight of yarn and squares can be added as required to make it bigger or smaller.  

On recommended needles:

  • 4 ply Squares: Approx: 19cm/7.5 inches square
  • DK Squares: Approx: 23cm/9 inches square
  • Aran Squares: Approx: 27cm/10.5 inches square

The blanket shown is in 4 ply yarn, is 76 * 95 cm (30 * 37.5 inches) and is made up of 20 squares


Yarn Required

Amounts per single square

  • 4 ply: 65 meters per square
  • DK: 91.5 meters per square 
  • Aran:119 meters per square 


Pattern recommends to knit a square on the suggested needles, block and decide if you like it.

Recommended Needles

  • 4 ply:  3.75 mm 
  • DK:  4.5 mm 
  • Aran:  5.5 mm


TLYC Experience!
Michelle has finished her West Yorkshire Spinners Signature Sweet Shop 4 ply version.  The blanket finished as 75cm * 75cm and was made up of 25 squares. See her blog post about her Vivid Blanket here.

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