The Lovelies Club

Welcome to the Lovelies Club!

The Lovelies Club is the The Loveliest Yarn Company loyalty club and our way of saying thank you for shopping with us.  We’ve tried to keep it pretty straightforward but please let us know if it’s not clear. 


How do I join?

You will automatically join the loyalty club when you create an account with us.  You can either create an account when you are checking out or by going to the little person icon on the home page, selecting ‘Log In’ and then clicking the ‘Create an account’ button. 


Please note that it is possible to checkout as a guest on the website but in order for the purchase to qualify for the loyalty club, you must have an account and be logged in to it when checking out.  If you checkout as a guest, even if you have an account, the purchase won’t count towards your loyalty club total so make sure you register to benefit and log into your account when purchasing. Loyalty discounts are associated with the email address that you provide when you register so if you register for two different accounts with two different emails, then checkout with both at different times, both will accrue points separately and we can’t combine those together at a later date as the technology won’t let us!  

The loyalty scheme is open to all customers who register for the site, as long as they agree to the general Terms and Conditions of the site.


How do I earn discounts?

Once you have spent £200 with us (no restriction on the period of time or the number of orders), a discount of 15% will be automatically applied to your cart for your next order. It's not just once though!

  • Spend over £200, 15% discount on next order
  • Spend over £400, 15% discount on next order
  • Spend over £600, 15% discount on next order and so on!

Only one 15% discount will be applied to an order and it can't be used in conjunction with any other discount codes. The discount doesn't apply to sale products or shipping costs.  


What counts towards total spend?

The amount you spend on an order placed on our website, including postage, is added to the total you have spent once the order has shipped to you.  Don’t panic if you check just after placing your order, it is only shipped orders that are added to the total. 

Orders where you received a discount also count towards the total.  You can see details of how much you have spent on the Loyalty Page of your account, just log in.

 A little note about refunds – if an order is fully or partially refunded, it will be deducted from the combined spend.

Only online purchases made on our website and not those made at Retail Shows are counted towards the total spend and the discounts cannot be redeemed at Retail shows as it is based on email address and solely associated with purchases on the website. 

Only purchases made when you are logged into your account will count towards your total.  


How are the discounts applied?  Do I need a code?

We think enter a code may make it hard work so one isn't required!  The discount will apply automatically to your cart when you are checking out (as long as you are logged in).

Other discount codes cannot be used in the order in which the Loyalty Discounts are being applied. The discount doesn't apply to sale products or shipping costs.

There is no cash equivalent.


How do I know I am close to getting a discount applied?

You can check the details in the Loyalty Section of your Account when you log in.


Why do you send me a physical loyalty card?

We know it’s not always possible to track where you are online because you’re busy so we think it’s nice to have a physical card as well.  We'll send you an updated card every time you order with us.


Changes, Termination & Cancellation

Your account may be cancelled for reasons such as fraud or a breach of the site Terms and Conditions. If this occurs your reward balance will also be cancelled and no reward value will be issued in respect of such reward balance.

We reserve the right to amend, cancel or withdraw the terms of this loyalty scheme at any time. Wherever possible, we will provide you with advance notice of any such changes. You will be deemed to have accepted these terms and any changes to them if, after receiving a copy of the terms or any notice of a change to them, you continue to shop with us without asking not to be part of the scheme.


Personal data

In relation to your personal data, we may use the information you supply on the loyalty scheme application form together with information relating to your transactions, purchases and participation in the reward scheme for the purposes of administering the reward scheme and statistical analysis. 


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