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  1. CamaRose Yaku

    CamaRose Yaku


    One touch was all it took for us to fall in love with this beautiful yarn from CamaRose.

    Yaku is a really soft, 4 ply weight, 100% mulesing free merino in a range of glorious colours.

    The yarn is suitable for both baby, children and adult wear next to skin as it is really soft.  It can be wash on a wool program at 30 degrees celecius.

    The yarn is evenly and tighly spun which makes it perfect for both knitting and crochet, with a beautiful stitch definition.

    A note about Yaku production from CamaRose

    Manufactured in Peru, Yaku is specially designed for CaMaRose. All colors are specially developed for CaMaRose in collaboration with the spinning mill.

    The production of Yaku takes place in consideration of the environment, animal welfare and people. The spinning mill buys the wool from a manufacturer where 70% of energy consumption is generated by a VESTAS mill. The manufacturer's wastewater treatment plant purifies and recycles water used in the production and has also built a tree plantation around the wastewater plant which contributes to the wastewater treatment process and absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. The spinning mill buys purely animal mulesing free merino fibers for the sake of animal welfare and is eco-tex certified on all their wool products.

    Like many companies in Peru, the spinning mill exhibits a great deal of social responsibility for its employees, their families and the community by supporting schools, health care and charities.

  2. CamaRose Lama Tweed

    CamaRose Lama Tweed


    You lovelies asked for tweed and you asked for aran weight so we did our best and found this beautifully soft yarn from CamaRose!

    Lama tweed is spun from 40% Llama wool, 40% Peruvian highland wool and 20% viscose, a silk-like natural material.  The colours have been especially developed for CamaRose.  We love this for sweaters, blankets, outerwear and anything that needs to be soft, cosy and warm.

    A note about the yarn from CamaRose

    Lama wool is a natural product. Lama wool is lanolin-free, lightweight and strong. The hollow structure of the fibers gives the yarn a particularly good insulating ability. Viscose, also called Rayon, is a natural product made from the plant material cellulose. Viscose has a silky-like appearance in both gloss and softness and is particularly suitable for absorbing moisture. It is the shades of viscose in different colors that give the tweed effect in Lama Tweed. The nests are mainly in natural colors such as raw white, beige, brown and black which add a nice play to your knitting and crochet work.

    Lama Tweed. is very suitable for children, classic sweaters, cardigans, outerwear and blankets, with the rustic expression, good insulating ability, strength and softness.
    The yarn spinning makes Lama Tweed unfold completely when knitted and rinsed. A knitted and washed sample is therefore highly recommended to get the full impression of the yarn's properties, expression and softness. The nests can provide surplus fibers in the work process, most of these fibers being flushed out at the first wash.

    Lama Tweed from CaMaRose is produced in Peru taking into account the environment, animal welfare, the local farmers and workers. The manufacturer is oeko-tex certified on all its wool products and uses solar energy in production. High quality requirements as well as consideration for the environment, animals and people in the production are the basis for the spinning industry's cooperation with CaMaRose since 2010.

2 Item(s)

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