Clover Takumi Double Point Knitting Needles (Bamboo)

Clover Takumi Double Point Knitting Needles (Bamboo)


Light in weight, with a warm natural touch, bamboo is the ideal material from which to make knitting needles. Clover selects only the finest Japanese bamboo (ta-ke), then polishes needles and points to a fine smoothness that prevents yarn from splitting.

Japanese bamboo (ta-ke) is a strong and elastic material with hardy fibre. Clover needles are finished to a high specification to ensure wonderfully smooth and snag-free knitting.

These tapered ends make these easy to insert into stitches. The bamboo gives these needles just enough 'stickiness' to keep the yarn on needles which is useful for knitting in the round, particularly for beginners.

There are 5 needles per pack so perfect for people who like to use 4 needles to hold the yarn and work with the 5th while knitting in the round.


Product Code :
Takumi DPNs

Clover Takumi

Needle Family
Double Pointed

Needle Type
Double Point

Needle Length
16 cm



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