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  1. Lazadas "Mix" Super flexible knitting blocking wire set

    Lazadas "Mix" Super flexible knitting blocking wire set

    The Lazadas blocking wires set is used for shaping and setting knitting or crocheted projects after they are made. By blocking your finished garments you will put a professional finishing touch, it will help to smooth and uncurl edges, open lace works and shape the pieces to the exact measures you want. This 'mix' set contains 4 super flexible blocking wires 35" (90 cm) long each, 3 super flexible blocking wire 70" (180 cm) each and 30 Nickel plated T-Pins. This set is a combination of the short and the long sets that are available and are therefore great for all kind of projects. You can block a variety of items from shawls to cardigans and use on any edges, straight, circular or scalloped. They won't rust on your garment and they are hard enough for long durability. This set comes in a bag with handles for easy storage.

1 Item(s)

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