Our 2019 Christmas Gift Guide!

We hope you love what we have put together for you this year! We are also more than happy to put together bespoke yarn and pattern bundles, kits or other gift sets! Just get in touch with Michelle at

Happy (festive) shopping,

Michelle x

December 11th: With Christmas approaching, our CoCo Knits distributor has let us know that they will not be able to get additional stock until January.  Therefore what we have in stock at the moment is all we will have until then.  Our Lazadas distributor is changing and until we have confirmation of a new source, the sets we have in stock is the last we will have for the next few months.

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  1. WestKnits BestKnits 3 Shawl Evolution

    WestKnits BestKnits 3 Shawl Evolution


    Update September 25th: This has now sold out but we will be getting more as soon as possible!  We will post on Instagram and Facebook as soon as it arrives!

    Westknits Bestknits 3 Shawl Evolution contains thirteen shawl patterns that represent the colorful and evolving Westknits style. Seven previously published shawls are accompanied by six new designs ranging from crisp, clean, and geometric lines evolving into more splashy displays of color and fluffy textures. The six new designs elaborate on techniques like slipped stitches, short row wedges, large yarn over holes, & brioche stitch. Color tricks like marling and fading add a playful layer to the more recent shawl shapes. 196 pages.

    E-book download code included with each copy.

    Out of stock

    Out of stock

  2. Westknits Enamel Resting Knit Face Pin

    Westknits Enamel Resting Knit Face Pin


    From Westknits, this great pin is perfect for letting people exactly who you are as a knitter! 

    Size: Approximately 13mm x 30mm.

    The badge has a brooch pin clasp.

    Design copyright Stephen and Penelope


2 Item(s)

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