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  1. Happit from Kate Davies Designs

    Happit from Kate Davies Designs


    When we saw that Kate was releasing this book, we were beyond excited! We had been itching to do kits for the Betty Mouat Cowl & the Funchal Mobius and now we can!

    In this new book, Kate introduces you to five of her favourite wrap and hap designs including two knit in Coop Knits Socks Yeah (which we just love!).

    Exploring a range of different knitting techniques from simple lace to colourwork, each pattern has been carefully created with easy-to-follow directions (including charted and written instructions where relevant) and each design offers a characteristic combination of straightforward knitting together with stylish results.

    Accompanied by two essays by Kate, and stunning photography by Tom Barr, take your choice from the patterns on offer in this book and you are sure to be well happit!

    Each pattern book comes with a code to download a digital version.

    Yarn Requirements

    Betty Mouat Cowl:  CoopKnits Socks Yeah! 1 skein each in Benitoite, Lolite, Topaz, Ruby, Peridot, Danburite, Beryl, Sugilite and Kunzite

    Funchal Moebius: CoopKnits Socks Yeah!  3 skeins each in Ruby and Danburite

    A Hap for Harriet: Fyberspates Gleem Lace in Tweed Imps : 1 skein

    Fantoosh: Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply in Slate, Size: Small (Large); 1 (2) skeins

    Ottar: Buachaille

    Images copyright of Kate Davies Designs

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  2. Inspired by Islay

    Inspired by Islay

    In this stunning new collection with her own Buachaille yarn, Kate takes inspiration from Islay’s landscape to create twelve new designs. From modern haps to traditional kilt hose; from Fairisle hoodies to cabled cardigans; the designs are arranged in four “stories” each of which explores a different island locale. With their roots in Islay’s distinctive history and culture, Kate’s designs suggest the rich breadth and depth of inspiration the island affords, from the archaeological legacy of the Lords of the Isles to the poetry and song of the Islay bards. In addition to Kate’s patterns, this book brings together beautiful photography of Islay by Tom Barr with essays by four contributors who share their varied local expertise. Gordon Yates introduces Islay’s wildlife, Anna MacQuarrie explores the important legacy of Gaelic in the island landscape, Jane Hunter explores Islay’s geology through the intriguing medium of tweed and stitches, while Susan Campbell tells us more about the island’s handcrafts. Open the pages of this beautiful book, join Kate on a journey to the Hebrides, and you too will be Inspired by Islay. Each book also includes a download code for a digital version. Photography by Tom Barr & are copyright of Kate Davis Designs. Used with permission.
  3. Milarrochy Heids by Kate Davies

    Milarrochy Heids by Kate Davies

    This beautiful book from Kate Davies designs is probably the most beautiful book of hats we have ever seen here at The Loveliest Yarn Company! This book contains 15 glorious patterns from thirteen of knittings talented designers. Kate Davies loves hat-knitting, and when she developed Milarrochy Tweed – a yarn named after one of her favourite Loch Lomond locations – she knew it was time to create a book of hat designs. Milarrochy Tweed’s complex, tonal shades make it ideal for colourwork of all kinds, so Kate invited twelve friends to join her in the challenge of creating a range of hats of rich variety and hue. Heid is the Scots word for head, and inside these pages you’ll find fifteen fabulous heids to choose from. From Ute Vos’s simple stripes to Virginia Sattler-Reimer’s complex kaleidoscopic crown; from Felicity Ford’s exuberant Featherheid to Emily Williams’ stunning double-knitted Tarradale, the heids in these pages are as varied as their creators. Established designers such as Ella Gordon and Dianna Walla meet emerging talent like Justyna Haberkowa and Sarah Mackay, drawing creative inspiration from landscape and location, flora and fauna, childhood memory and medieval architecture. With an introduction by Kate, and stunning photography around Loch Lomond by Tom Barr, this book is sure to bring you a warm and happy heid. All images are copyright of Tom Barr.
  4. The Book of Haps

    The Book of Haps

    This magnificent book from Kate Davies and a host of other renowned designers is a detailed introduction to the wonderful world of haps. A hap is a Scottish dialect word for a simple shawl or wrap. Haps have a particular association with the Shetland islands where, for more than a century, they were knitted for everyday wear as well as for sale. Combining textile history with contemporary design, this book explores the story of the hap through five beautifully illustrated essays, and thirteen stunning patterns. While the first part of the book looks to the past for inspiration, exploring the many different contexts in which haps were made and worn, the book’s second half acts as a springboard to the future, as designers from around the world present their own interpretations of the hap. From Nevada and Finland to Reyjavik, and Burra Isle, the patterns in these pages are as distinctive and varied as their designers’ locales. Haps may well surprise you: they can be square, triangular, or hexagonal, incorporating lace, cables, or colour. Though haps are, by definition, functional, wearable textiles, you’ll find they can also be elegant and fascinating, graphic and abstract. Whatever your knitterly interests, you’ll find the Book of Haps an endless source of inspiration and a canvas for your creativity. Each book also includes a download code for a digital version. Photography by Tom Barr & are copyright of Kate Davis Designs. Used with permission.

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  5. The West Highland Way by Kate Davies

    The West Highland Way by Kate Davies

    Kate Davies and Tom Barr live by Scotland’s best-loved long-distance walking route: the West Highland Way. In this collaborative creative project they celebrate their home, their workplace, and the landscape which inspires them every day. Kate began by creating a collection of twelve hand-knit designs, each with its own distinctive story to tell. Balanced equally between garments and accessories, you might choose to knit a tweedy cardigan which echoes the mossy palette of Conic Hill, a delicate jumper recalling a favourite plant found on Rannoch Moor, or a shawl sparked by the energy of the Highlands’ first “electric village”. Each design is paired with an exploratory essay which sets Kate’s designs and inspiration in their richer context. From Rob Roy’s romantic (mis)representation to the beautiful songs of Donnchadh Bàn; from Loch Lomond’s built environment to ways of seeing Rannoch Moor, Kate’s writing reveals the West Highland Way as, first and foremost, a social landscape with an important cultural history. Kate’s words and designs are accompanied by Tom’s stunning photography, depicting the West Highland Way in all seasons of the year. Why not turn these pages to walk, read and knit with Kate and Tom? Open up this book, join them on their journey, and make your own West Highland Way.

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