TLYC Vlog Episode 10 Single Farm Yarn Show Notes

TLYC Vlog Episode 10 Single Farm Yarn Show Notes


TLYC Vlog Episode 10 Single Farm Yarn Show Notes

Welcome to the Show Notes for Episode 10 of The Loveliest Podcast in which I talk mostly about some of the amazing Single Farm Yarns that are available! 

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The free pattern for the massive wrap is coming soon, hopefully the end of May just in time for the launch of the Banshee Yarns website.  I’ll share as soon as it’s live. 


The Casapinka pattern shown in Banshee Yarn is available on Ravelry here:

The Armscote Manor DK hat pattern is available on the blog now – you can find it here.  This is waiting a final tech edit but is based on the 4 ply pattern which was tech edited previously.

Armscote Manor - 

Spindleshanks - Not able to find a link

A Cookley Yarn (Update on what I said: mohair as substitute for nylon, not socks!) 

Wool Dale Wools 

Home Farm Wensleydale (Translating myself: ‘Nearly killed’ – almost dead from the work ; ) (and when I was checking the website for these notes I found their 2019 lambing pics! 

Cinderhill Farm

The Knitting Goddess

The Little Grey Sheep -

Hill Farm Moments.  After the show I found that HFM are taking a little break at the moment.  Lambing season is a super busy time. 

Romney Marsh Wools 



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