TLYC Vlog Episode 12 West Cork for the Soul Show Notes

TLYC Vlog Episode 12 West Cork for the Soul Show Notes


TLYC Vlog Episode 12 West Cork for the Soul Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 12 - all things Banshee Yarns, knits, Woollinn and, of course, Ravelry! 

Beware a spoiler at about 49:30 minutes of the Dye Candy yarn from her collaboration with Sam of Sam Draws Things!

Banshee Yarns is live

The website:

The yarn is available here: 

Kirsty Shawl

Skipping Pebbles


Yak Sock 

Ru Socks

Blog post:

DK Sock Pattern

Knit with just 3 inches of leg

Knit Hatty pattern:


Bloggers & vloggers

-       Hey Brown Berry:

-       Grace from Babbles Travelling Yarn:

-       Mr Hugzzz: 

-       Woollinn themselves

(If you have other favourites you’d like me to share)

Some new to me lovely things:

Cross & Woods

Eve Chambers

Hide & Hammer

Follow awesome Sylvia ( and Shameka ( on Instagram!  Always wear suncream!Visit West Cork (& Kerry)

My recommendations:

  • - Crookhaven & Barley Cove
  • - Moll’s Gap, Gap of Dunloe & Avoca
  • - Baltimore, West Cork
  • - West Cork Whale Watching

Our shows for the rest of the year

  • - Yarningham
  • - Fibre East
  • - Pop Up Wool Show
  • - Southern Wool Show
  • - Perth Yarn Festival
  • - Yarndale
  • - The Knitting & Stitching Show, Ally Pally
  • - Nottingham Yarn Expo

7 Day Sock Challenge: Coming Soon!

The Loveliest Yarn Company and Banshee Yarns stand with Ravelry.

See the details here:

And because I’m an elephant in a glass shop:

On ‘Bad Countries’ in South America, that is a clumsy reference to the situation in Venezuela and drug wars in other countries that are making refugees and migrants of their people.   I am so sorry if I have caused offence – I am minus-qualified on geopolitical issues. 


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