Ultimate Crochet Bundle

Ultimate Crochet Bundle

Price of bundle so far: £0.00

1 x Crochet Yeah!   +£10.80
1 x The Shawl Project Book 3   +£10.80
1 x The Accessories Project: Book 1   +£10.80
1 x Skipping Pebbles Crochet Pattern   +£3.60
1 x The Knitting Goddess Zipped Project Bag Number 4   +£13.50

Price of bundle so far: £0.00


Following on from our Trio of Crochet books, we thought we'd add just one more gift set for the Crocheter in your life (or yourself! ; )).

This bundle includes three gorgeous books from The Crochet Project (The Shawl Project Book 3, Crochet Yeah and The Accessories Project Book 1), The Knitting Goddess 'I crochet so I don't kill people' project back and the newly arrived Skipping Pebbles shawl pattern from Yarn and Blarney.

This bundle represents a 10% saving on buying the items separately.