Add a festive card

Add a festive card

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As it's the holiday season, we can see that a lot of orders are being shipped to different addresses so we thought you all would like the option to add a festive card and note! And the card you can add isn't just any old card, it's a gorgeous card from Sam of Sam Draws Things!

What happens when you add this to your order?

1. When you check out, don't use PayPal Express (you can use PayPal later) and complete the Comment section of the checkout with the message you'd like us to write on the card (If you forget this, we will email you to check what message you would like!))
2. We will select one of the three gorgeous designs we have from Sam Draw Things
3. We will write your note on the card and ship it off to the recipient at the shipping address all wrapped up in red tissue paper
4. We will not include a printed invoice and instead send that to the email address you provide. No one wants an invoice in a gift! : )


Product Code :
Festive Card

Sam Draws Things

Printed using vegetable-based inks on recycled paper. Wrapped in biodegradable cellophane

No. Per Pack
A single card will be written and added to your order

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