Our Story

Our Story

Hi, I’m Michelle, Chief Knitter at The Loveliest Yarn Company. Thank you for stopping by!

It would be very fitting to say that the company came from a  rich heritage of shearing sheep at dawn  and wrestling bales of fleece around barns but that just wouldn't be true! The  real truth  is that while working on endless spreadsheets I came to realise that I was a hexagonal shaped peg in a triangular hole and, because I believe that life should be well lived, as none of us make it out alive, I packed up my spreadsheets, gave back my corporate laptop and rolled my love of small business in with my unwavering belief that knitting is the center of the universe to create The Loveliest Yarn Company.

Me, not using spreadsheets!

Apart from a love of knitting, why another yarn business?

I would like to help people find it easier to shop for yarn online, get more out of their knitting and stop them being dazzled by all of the amazing yarn out there by focusing on the loveliest of them all, taking the best photos and making the yarns real for people by knitting, wearing and washing the garments to give a real view on what they are like.

Before The Loveliest Yarn Company was little more than a notion, I found myself with a stash of yarn and not a lot more. Much of the yarn didn’t have patterns and never would, there were a lot of colours that didn’t suit me, thousands of needles, hooks, measuring tapes everywhere and a visit from the hoarder’s team was imminent. So I decided to focus on clearing down my stash, buying only the best and ensuring I always had a pattern or at least a purpose for what I bought and getting it knit into beautiful garments and accessories.

I felt a sort of relief after that, knowing that I didn’t have to have everything, just the loveliest, and I thought perhaps others would like that too, and The Loveliest Yarn Company was born.

Apart from gathering the loveliest yarns into one place, I also want to share the best of what is out there with people . There are so many great new yarns coming out, new techniques and new tools and accessories that it’s easy to miss out. So I promise to search the yarn world and bring you back the loveliest and best, curating the dazzling world of knitting into a manageable set that everyone will hopefully love as much as I do.

Now, enough about me! How about a little yarn?

The TLYC Philosophy (everyone needs one!)

Our philosophy is simple. We believe in selling only the loveliest yarns and accessories from specially selected suppliers because we have to love something to share it with you!


Delight from Cast On to Cast Off

It’s not just a slogan, it’s what we really want for our customers. Everything is tried and tested by Michelle and the team here at The Loveliest Yarn Company before it is shared on the site.  As knitters it is important to us that the products we sell provide delight to knitters, either by being beautiful or, at the very least, indispensable.  Of course this can be subjective, so we always want to hear suggestions and items so we can find new products and make sure what we supply is really of the loveliest quality 


More knitters, not less yarn shops

As an online business it is important for us that we support the resurgence in knitting by providing exciting content and products to encourage more people to knit & knitters to explore more of what’s available.  We do not actively seek to encourage people to shop only online for their yarn because Local Yarn Stores (LYS) are very important both to their customers and the wider communities that they are part of.  With that in mind we price fairly, focusing on thanking our customers through our loyalty scheme, giveaways and great content rather than discounting in a way that may encourage an imbalance towards online shops.


Creatures Matter

We aspire to provide exceptional customer experiences here at TLYC to ensure our customers are always delighted by our products but we also want to ensure that the creatures whose fleeces (and other coats!) make knitting possible are also really well treated.  We are committed to working with our suppliers to understand the origin of all of our natural yarns to ensure animal welfare is always of the highest possible standard.

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